A Nice And Quiet Day

Song: “Turning Japanese” by The Vapors

Mood: 6

Nightmares: 0

I slept pretty well last night, only waking up maybe three or four times, and it didn’t take too long to get back to sleep. No nightmares, no bad dreams, no panic attacks, and no strange sounds or smells. Yes, it was a pretty good night.

I went for my walk early again this morning, and took the same route by the post box that I used yesterday. I still don’t enjoy going, and I really don’t enjoy going places where the house is no longer in view.

My exercises actually went reasonably well. I got distracted many times, but I didn’t quit early – it’s been around a week since I last got through them, and I could feel the difference. I really hope it goes even better tomorrow.

The rest of my day was pretty quiet. No phone calls (not even robocalls or telemarketers!), and only a couple of texts (from J and my aunt) but that was fine.

I worked on the DVDs a little more but then spent quite a while playing around with OpenShot. Editing videos, putting in transitions, adding text to the video… lots of neat stuff.

J is taking a course and this evening I worked with her on a little bit of the material. It’s a math course but there are a couple of things they cover that I remember pretty well. It’s nice to be able to help (I hope I helped, anyway) because way back in high school, J helped me out and got me to pass calculus.

I have an appointment with Dr W tomorrow. I do not want to go. Again, it’s nothing against Dr W, it’s just that his office is far from here and even with J doing all the driving, it’s difficult for me. She also wants to talk to Dr W about that letter we received from the insurance company yesterday. I’m still very leery about the whole thing so I think I will leave the room when she’s talking about that stuff.

I’m also going to bring along an anxiety toy for the first time and see if I can keep from rubbing holes in my skin.

Stay safe.

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