A Little Rattled

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Just a quick entry today. I don’t actually remember if I fell asleep on the couch last night or not. I didn’t wake up with a headache or sore throat so I’m guessing I went to bed like a normal person.

Spent waaay too much time today melting, adding to, and re-solidifying suet for my feeder. Bought a cheap suet block and added smashed peanuts, shelled sunflower seeds, whole black oil sunflower seeds, and peanut butter. Next time I will be sure to leave the block out overnight so it’s warm, that way it won’t take forever because I’m trying to melt a block of -20C suet without making fried birdseed. J said the house smelled like peanut butter and popcorn when she got home.

Read an article today where a teacher lost her job because of workplace problems and PTSD, then lost her disability coverage when her employer’s psychiatrist argued she didn’t have PTSD:


What happened to her is a nightmare, and reading it has left me feeling out of sorts. I know there is always another side to a story, but I feel quite badly for her and I hope she gets the assistance she needs and deserves.

Tomorrow I am going to volunteer at the church for a little while, we’ll see how it goes.

Stay safe.

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