A Little Better, Thankfully

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I slept poorly last night. Lots of bad dreams and at least three nightmares woke me up. I don’t know if it’s the change of seasons or something I ate or just some random brain cells having a bit of a party. I think I’m going to start just putting a nightmares counter at the start of my posts instead of saying pretty much every day that I had x number of nightmares…

I got up feeling groggier than normal, but as I poured cereal into a bowl, I realized that I felt a little better this morning. Not great, but better than I have for the last little while. It was nice.

I spent some time writing today and then watched a bunch of YouTube videos. I didn’t spend very much time on the couch at all, and I didn’t go back to bed, either. Despite the fact that I was in a chair most of the day, I’m going to treat it as a win.

It’s weird how this stuff works – if I’m not feeling well and don’t have any energy I can’t do things, but doing things gives me energy and helps make me feel better. I guess that’s why it’s difficult to break out of the rut when I’m stuck on the couch or in bed.

I think I’m going to try and fit a mindfulness walk into my weekly schedule. Dr C, Dr P, and Dr W all agree that getting out of the house is something I should be doing often, and a little bit of exercise is good for everyone. Maybe I’ll talk to J and see if she wants to come along.

Stay safe.

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