A Hot Summer Day

Song: “Those Were The Days” by Mary Hopkin

Mood: 8

I slept pretty well last night and feel pretty well today. No nightmares that I can remember, which is really good. Today was very warm – up around 30C – and muggy. I spent most of it indoors, thankful for air conditioning.

I called Dr P today to schedule my first appointment with him, and immediately made a bit of a fool out of myself. As we were talking, I was writing the details on a little whiteboard we have on the fridge. When I went to recite the info back to him, I accidentally read from another appointment listed on the whiteboard. Even after he corrected me, I think I wrote down the wrong time. I left him a voicemail apologizing and asking if he could call me back with the correct time. I’m sure I made a great first impression…

I listened to quite a few James Last records. I’ve got a couple of his Non-Stop Dancing albums and I’m discovering that he either has a couple of favourite songs that he reused or his band is very good at playing the same songs over several albums. I’m not complaining (they’re good songs), it’s just something I noticed. The music is cheesy at best but I find it’s really good to relax to.

I puttered around with one of my Raspberry Pi boards today. I set up an Internet radio player, which went really well, but then I ran into trouble when I tried to find Internet radio stations to play on it. Most of the stations around here have what seem to be music streams that don’t work with the software I’m using. A couple of years ago I did the same thing and had no trouble finding streams from all over the world… I guess stations want to have more control over who listens to their stuff and things like commercials.

J and I finished watching the new version of True Grit this evening. It’s a great movie – everything is done wonderfully and the acting is great, particularly Hailee Steinfeld and Jeff Bridges. We haven’t seen the John Wayne version but if we come across it I think we’ll probably watch it, too.

After supper, we headed out to do a little bit of shopping. We stopped by the hardware store so I could pick up a pack of 7018AC rods – and these ones are DEFINITELY 7018AC. Says on the box and on the rods, too. I’m looking forward to giving them a try once it’s a little cooler out.

After the hardware store, we wandered over to Walmart and while J was picking up some stuff I rummaged through the $5 DVD bin and found a couple more westerns (or western-ish) movies for us to watch. One of them is Westworld, which I’ve wanted to see since I was a kid but am a little worried that there’s going to be too much 1970s schlock in it. At least it’s got Yul Brynner in it – he was great in the first two Magnificent Seven movies.

I think there are two things that I haven’t mentioned in a while – my triops experiment (which failed horribly) and the garden (which is going great). There are already tomatoes hanging from the plants and the potato plants are knee-high. The thyme, basil, and dill seem to be mostly doing well, and the onions are coming in nicely, too. And all of this is inside a 4×8′ box. The garden was my idea but I ended up in the hospital so J and my mother-in-law did the planting (thanks you guys!) and things are going great.

It’s supposed to be 31C tomorrow and 32C on Sunday. I do not think I will be doing much outside this weekend.

Stay safe!

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