A Great Long Weekend

Song: N/A

Mood: 7.5

Nightmares: 0

Song: “Apache” by The Incredible Bongo Band

Ghosts: Few

Just a real quick post – I’ve got a bunch of things on the go and hope to get at least a few of them done before I go to bed.

I’m feeling pretty well. Haven’t slept all that great the last little while but at least part of that is my fault (I fell asleep on the living room couch a couple of times). No nightmares since that one last week, and between feeling better and J being around, I’ve found myself chasing very few ghosts. It’s really quite nice.

One of the things I’ve been sliding on a bit is my nighttime medication. I used to be quite firm with the time I took it but lately I haven’t been consistent, so I’m trying to get back in the habit of taking it the same time each night. That may make sleep and mornings a little easier to predict, too.

I think I mentioned it last week, but J took a couple of extra days off and turned the weekend into a five-day holiday. It was wonderful! We got a ton of stuff done, fit in lots of relaxing, and J got out to see her parents, too.

It was pretty warm out – we had this for two days in a row:

Hot Day!… but it’s not humid and it cools down at night, so it’s not too bad.

[Craaaaap, I just realized I forgot to water the garden today… need to do that first thing tomorrow!]

I got that big antenna working outside and it pulls in a lot of stuff, I was listening to conversations from what I think was a rail yard about 20km away.

No appointments so far this week but it looks like FA is going to swing by tomorrow!

Stay safe.

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