A Good Weekend And Good Day

Song: “Too Bad” by Doug & The Slugs

Mood: 6.5

Nightmares: 2

The weekend went pretty well. Had a lot of time to hang out with J and I also spent some more time puttering at my electronics bench. Electronics was traditionally one of my winter hobbies, and with the way the weather has been lately, it doesn’t seem like winter is far off…

Woke up from two nightmares on Saturday night and two again last night. The second one last night was particularly bad and I ended up in the basement, taking two PRNs, and, blasting music into my ears to try to break out of a panic attack. About 35 minutes later, I could finally feel it loosening its grip on me. I know I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating – panic attacks SUCK.

There is some bad news from the weekend, though. Usually we feed the fish in the main aquarium around 8-9PM (Lloyd gets his food in the mornings). After we feed the fish, we head downstairs to watch some shows. When we feed the fish, they get very excited and swoop around and sometimes even splash water around a bit. Well, it looks like one of them got too rambunctious because when we came back upstairs later, there were only four fish in the tank and, to my horror, the fifth one was stiff and dry, stuck to the floor mat. Nasty.

Today went well. I didn’t sleep that well last night but that’s okay. I called Dr C to see if I could move my appointment and she said sure. Between the call and two emails, my appointment has been moved to Thursday morning.

After I got off the phone, I started tidying up the house in preparation for FA’s visit. My standards have been slowly but relentlessly sliding over the past months – I hope it doesn’t get to the point where people get grossed out and won’t come over anymore…

Moving my Dr C appointment opened up my afternoon so FA and I could hang out for longer, and we did! We talked pretty much non-stop (I think it was probably the longest it took us to eat burritos because we kept talking so much), had lunch, and played a few games of Carcassonne. I really enjoy talking to her – she has very interesting perspectives on many topics and she’s good to bounce thoughts and ideas off of because she won’t hesitate to say she disagrees. FA was here for a long time today, too, so there was plenty of time for all kinds of topics to come up.

J got home after FA left and we talked about our days and hung out. Her day today went much better than she expected, and I’m very happy for her. I hope she continues to be pleasantly surprised at work!

We watched another episode of Parks and Rec this evening. I would really like to have been a crewmember or even just a fly on the wall when they filmed that show. I wonder how often they had to do tons of takes because everyone was laughing.

Tomorrow afternoon I have an appointment with Dr H. It’s a followup for some bloodwork I had done a month ago and she needs to check out how my butt surgery stuff is healing up. I like Dr H – I think she is a phenomenal physician – but I don’t really want to go. Part of it is that I don’t want to go out to the clinic, but part of it is that I wish that something would happen to me that doesn’t require me to put all of my dignity into a tiny little boat and watch it drift off into the distance. It’s got to be done, though. Better that than getting assthrax or buttulism or cheek-eating disease.

Wish me luck.

Stay safe.

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