A Good Weekend

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This was a pretty good weekend. It went by very quickly, but J and I had time to get a bunch of things done as well as spend some time relaxing. I’m still not sleeping that well, and an attempt to take a nap on Saturday didn’t work for me (J managed to get in a couple of hours) but that’s fine.

My exercises went well both Saturday and Sunday. I stuck to my new routine and I’m pretty sure it helps. What helps even more, though, is when J is home. For whatever reason, I don’t feel like I need to be as worried about everything that catches my attention around the house. If something’s making a weird sound and J doesn’t seem to concerned about it, it’s easier for me to be less concerned about it, too.

I played a bunch of Star Trek Online this weekend. Probably more than I should’ve. Just for kicks, I created a new character – this time a Klingon. I named him ARGBARGAWARG and he is in command of the skip IKS Free Candy. I’m going to switch back to my regular character but thought I’d have a bit of fun with it.

I didn’t spend a lot of time outside but it was nice out this weekend. Warm, but not scorching like a couple of days ago. Lots of sunlight, too. The chili plant on the deck seems to be very happy and is growing pretty fast. The garden needs a serious weeding but I think I’m going to wait until the vegetables are up a little more so I can tell what’s food versus what’s got to be pulled.

I spent some time working on my microscope stuff this weekend. I didn’t actually do anything with the microscope, but I did gather some samples and put them in test tubes with different fixatives. I got an idea from FA about looking for glycerin, and I remember J telling me we had methyl hydrate in the basement. I thought methyl hydrate was methanol with water in it, but the stuff we have is apparently 99.95% pure methanol. So now I’ve got a bunch of test tubes, all filled with poison. I’m going to let the specimens soak overnight (which is probably WAY too long) and then tomorrow morning I’m going to see if I can soak them in a paraffin bath, freeze them, then get them into the microtome.

J and I put in an online order this evening. I’m getting some new razor blades, ones that are meant for shaving. I bought a box of 100 blades a couple of years ago but even though they’re called “razor” blades, they are dull as heck. I think they’re really intended for scraping tools and not meant to be sharp enough to cut thin things with. I’ve also been texting one of J’s aunts for a while and found out that some of the gluten-free bread she likes that’s not available around here is available online, so we’re ordering her a couple of things to try out.

Thanks to the RSS stuff that FA taught me how to use, I’ve been pretty much free of adverts AND the kind of news that really bothers me. So far, so good! Thanks again, FA!

J and I have also been watching Community again. It’s such a good show, and every time I re-watch an episode, I find something new that I’ve missed. It’s also interesting to see how the characters change over the seasons.

I have a whole bunch of things that I want to do this coming week. My only appointment is Thursday with Dr P, so I’ve got a pretty open week to do stuff. Dr P and I were talking last week about modifying my walk, and I may try heading in the opposite direction and see if I can reach the creek. I may bring along a sample bottle or two and if I make it to the creek, I will collect some water to see if I can find something interesting.

Have a good week, everybody!

Stay safe.

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