A Good Appointment With Dr H

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I’m not really sure how I slept last night. I know I woke up worrying several times, and once from a nightmare, but for whatever reason I don’t know how things went. I do know, however, that I was bagged in the morning. It usually takes me several hours in the morning to shake off the grogginess and (more than usual) dim-wittedness, but I’ve been dragging all day.

I didn’t go for my walk this morning. It rained but after the clouds passed we got a nice sunny sky – the first one in days. It still wasn’t very warm, though, but I was determined to wear my shorts and t-shirt because it’s STILL SEPTEMBER, DAMMIT. I’m not going to be intimidated by a bit of snow or some cold blowing rain. Not me, no sir.

STO was down for maintenance for most of today, so I didn’t get on there during the day to do my banking and crafting and research stuff. Not a huge problem – banking in Star Trek is… well, kind of boring, so I wasn’t upset. Looks like it’ll be down for even longer tomorrow, too.

I worked on the thing for DA for a while. The thing is, everything is ready to put together and I think it all works. I just need to make it fit in the tube, finish up the wiring, and make the base. While I’ve been working on it, I’ve been thinking of the next version, too, and jotting down ideas and notes.

I had a Dr H appointment this afternoon. J came home from work early to take me, and I’m really glad she did – I was having a bit of a rough spot at that time. I grabbed a couple of PRNs, got my stuff together, and we headed out.

It wasn’t 90 seconds after I got there when they called my name to go in. Dr H was along shortly and we got to talking about a bunch of things. I had some bloodwork done almost a month ago and she was very happy with the results. So was I – after all, I think all of my uncles and at least one of my aunts has diabetes and I’m a little curvier than I’d like to be, so hearing that I was neither diabetic, pre-diabetic, or getting anywhere that I had to keep an eye on things was great! And, after my little kidney worry a while back, my kidneys are in pretty good shape now! The only (slight) downer is that she wants to raise my statin from 10mg to 20mg. She says my cholesterol is near the good range, but she would be happier if we were to lower it a bit more.. She told me that the known side-effects of some of my other medications is a rise in blood cholesterol levels.

I hated leaving the house, I hated being at the clinic, I hated getting probed and prodded, but all in all it was a very good appointment. I have tomorrow off but will be seeing Dr C on Thursday. Wish me luck!

Oh, and by the way, my pills are hitting me VERY hard right now so if any ot this doesn’t make sense or is spelled/punctuated very badly, that’s why. I really need to get to bed.

Stay safe.

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