A Decent Start To The Week

Song: “Skyliner” by Charlie Barnet

Mood: 6.5

Nightmares: 0

Ghosts: Lots

This past weekend was pretty good. J and I both got lots of stuff done and still had some time for relaxing around the house. I had a couple of nightmares on Friday and Saturday nights but none last night.

Quite the storm passed through on Friday night after the crazy heat during the day. Fortunately, the worst of it missed us but there was some damage done not too far from here. I don’t think anyone got hurt, though, which is good. I like a good thunderstorm, but it’s harder to appreciate them in the city – out in the country you can see the big anvil head clouds forming and approaching and you can hear them rumbling toward you.

I haven’t been playing very much Star Trek Online lately because I’ve been keeping so busy but I fit some in on the weekend. I got a different ship for one of my characters, played a bunch of maps, earned some crystal… all kinds of fun. I enjoy it but I don’t count computer games as productive time. Granted, most of the other stuff I do doesn’t even earn me stuff at the level of fake crystal in a computer game, but I like to think that tasking my brain with stuff in the real world is better in the long run.

I fixed the weather station over the weekend, too. It was a very simple solution that I arrived at after a great deal of muttered cursing, flop sweat, and over three hours of my life. But… we can now see what the temperature is at night, and don’t have to stand right in front of it during the day!

Oh! J and I watched Close Encounters of the Third Kind on Friday night, too (while the storm was coming through). I don’t think she minded it too much, and now she knows where that little ditty I used to whistle all the time came from.

Today was not a half bad day. I got a call from the clinic in the morning with an appointment to get a bone scan, and it was gorgeous outside – the perfect temperature, the perfect breeze, and the perfect amount of sun. The weather gave me absolutely no reason to complain while I was out for my walk, and I spent some time in the garden this afternoon weeding, planting some more onions and sunflowers, and watering. Check this out:



I spent a lot of time tinkering again today, both with electronics and with the printer. I’m designing a garden hose nozzle, and there’s a bit of trial and error. I thought I’d get ahead of everything by printing one with a 10mm exit and one with a 5mm exit. Turns out neither of them were good so now I’m printing one with a 7mm exit. I bet it’s going to be perfect…

My sister called this evening and we talked for almost an hour. I can’t remember the last time we talked, I think it’s been a few months. She’s doing pretty well, although she has so much stuff going on she’s not sure where one day ends and the next one starts. She also has to go to the dentist and get a root canal, which suuuucks.

The new blood pressure medication that Dr H switched me to two weeks ago seems to be doing great things for my numbers. Unfortunately, it also seems to be taking a bit of my steam away – I find I’m puffing a bit when I get home from my walks now. J joked that maybe I was accustomed to having high BP and now that it’s normal I feel weird, but I’m actually kind of curious about whether that could be the case. I have a follow-up with Dr H in a couple of weeks so I’ll mention it to her then, but who knows – it may only be another day or two before things are back to normal. I’m not worried.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with Dr C. I think we are going to work on memory confidence again. I’ve been doing my homework and while I’m not entirely sure how much it’s been helping, I’m positive it hasn’t been causing any problems. Aside from that, I want to get that hose nozzle thing dialed in and sort/clean up my stuff on the dining room table (so I can make room for more stuff). I have a very patient wife!

Stay safe.

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