A Decent Day

Mood: Seven. Having trouble telling my brain to stop running around and banging into things.

Song: “You Think You’re A Man” by Divine.

I woke up this morning and had breakfast after J had already gone to work. I felt pretty fuzzy this morning and it was hard to keep my thoughts in order. The haze cleared pretty quickly, though.

I did a lot of writing today. Not just for my blog but I worked on a story I’ve been playing with for some time now. I’ve no idea where it’s going but I find it enjoyable and relaxing to sit down and let the words flow out through my fingers and wander across the screen. Maybe I’ll share part of it sometime.

The turntable got a workout today, too. I listened to a couple of records this afternoon and then J and I listened to another bunch this evening after supper.

I’ve been finding that my mind has been racing a lot today, and not for any rational (or even coherent, for that matter) reason. It’s just bopping along at a hundred miles an hour and going off in all directions. I hope this doesn’t mean I’ll have trouble sleeping this evening.

My folks called this morning, too. It was very good to talk to them – I miss them quite a bit and hope to see them again soon. The last time I saw them was when I was in the hospital which doesn’t make for the best environment to chat.

Tomorrow I plan on heading out to the garage and doing some more work out there. I would really like to get welding soon.

Stay safe!

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