A Dark And Gloomy Day

Song: “Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera, Sera)” by Doris Day

Mood: 7

I woke up from two nightmares that I remember last night. It was interesting, though – they didn’t feel quite as… potent? Vivid? Something like that. I hope that it’s the beginning of a trend, because waking up most nights from nightmares is not enjoyable. Maybe they’ll get to the point where they’re just bad dreams and don’t wake me up anymore. That would be wonderful.

My sense of time was thrown off all day today because it was so gloomy outside. I had to turn on lights a few times to see what I was doing. The clouds finally broke this evening and we got sunlight for a little while, which was nice.

The leaves on some of the trees around here are starting to turn yellow and fall off. I know it’s September 1st, but the weather has been nice and it’s a shame that fall’s coming. Actually, now that I think about it some more, this has probably been one of the best summers that I remember. We had warm days, cool nights, enough rain, and almost no mosquitoes. It’s been great.

Today I spent some time reading a new biology book that J bought for me. I also spent a fair amount of time listening to music and doing some writing, which felt particularly good today. I also went out to the garage and looked at the new wheels I bought for my welding cart, which are so large they’re almost comical. They’re going to be so much better than the little pneumatic wheels that came with it, though.

J and I harvested our first potato plant today and got enough potatoes for supper. We’re really happy with them, they turned out really well. A little on the smallish side but oh, so tasty. J made steaks and did up the potatoes with some butter, oil, and dill and man, that was a good supper.

This evening we’re probably going to watch a movie and relax. It’s the beginning of a long weekend!

Stay safe.

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